Welcome to Sedona, AZ!

Sedona, Arizona is one of the most visited places in the United States, with over 4 million visitors a year!  When you first arrive via Hwy 179 you will come to The Village of Oak Creek.  The Village is the entrance to the Sedona, AZ scenic byway.  The first landmarks you will notice is Bell Rock and directly to the right next to it is Courthouse Butte, originally called Church House Rock by early Christian settlers.cropped-churchhouserockcrop1.jpg

Sedona, AZ is a Christian community where many spiritual seekers come to experience God’s beautiful creation.   After passing Bell and Church House Rock the scenic byway will traverse some spectacular scenery, have your camera ready!  Next you will come to another one of Sedona’s landmarks, the Jesus Saves Cross.  The Jesus Saves Cross is just past the Back O’Beyond round-about.  It is privately owned and will be on the left side of the street on the hill.JesusSavesCross

After passing the Jesus Saves Cross you will notice a variety of churches.  This area of Sedona is known as the Chapel Area, home to Chapel of the Holy Cross, an old church building that is built into the side of the red rock mountain.


Sedona is known as a spiritual place where God’s workmanship is seen everywhere.  Someone said once, “Everywhere you look, it’s a postcard!”  After sunset you will notice a radiant light, its the Glowing Cross on top of Airport Rd.  The Glowing Cross reminds us of Jesus and Christ’s ever watchful eye over Sedona, AZ.


Enjoy your Sedona adventure and when you go to sleep tonight under the glow of the stars in the firmament above, thank God for making Sedona, AZ, a beautiful place for all to enjoy!


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